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olivia burton black dial

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We worked with The Closet Lover - this awesome clothing online store which recently shot their latest collection in New York. We had a collaboration with them for TCL fans and they commented on how they would style their watch and why they like it. Here are the top 5 reasons on why they fell in love with this Olivia Burton Black Dial if you need anymore reasons to get one for yourself online from our site, happy online shopping on Just Tangy!

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1. Minimal and clean face
Olivia Burton's black dial is the sleekest design that you can find, paired with the gold rims and black leather, the entire watch has a minimalist feel that is a must have.

2. Easy and versatile accessory
A watch isn't just a watch these days. It is also an accessory which one needs to serve its function across various occasions in different outfits. Wear it during all your events as the new accessory, and stack it up with your other jewellery.

3. The Everyday watch
Whether you are a student or a working lady, it is so easy to pair it with all kinds of outfits. Denim, dresses, and work clothes. Style it with a white top and high waist pants to keep the classy look.

4. Great packaging - Watch Box with a Watch pillow
Olivia burton keeps their quality in check, all their watches comes in a beautiful light nude box, with the watch resting on a black velvet cushion. Treat your watch well and it will last a long time.

5. Classic Black and Gold
Black was always THE colour to go for. Gold was always the colour that goes with black. No one could fault you for choosing the classic pairing of Black and Gold, think Chanel.

Sarah Tang
Sarah Tang


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October 05, 2016

hi, im a chubby girl and im currently wearing DW 36mm watch which wearing 4th or 5th holes. will this brand go well with my wrists as well?

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