Gorjana Delicate Gold Necklaces

These lovely lovely gold necklaces are so perfect for a gold Christmas. We can imagine you ladies in your Christmas outfits needing jewellery to go with and these Gorjana pieces are the perfect find! They are also a perfect Christmas gift - If you have not read our gift idea post, head down to read it.

Gorjana is a socially conscious lifestyle company, and they encourage people to love and live, being happy will make one beautiful. They are from US, for those who are not familiar with Gorjana's brand. Gorjana has already been in Singapore for sometime at some multi-label shops (retail stores) in Singapore but always in limited designs or only 1 piece. Rest assured that as we only operate online and for online shopping on our site, all the jewellery you receive are brand new and have not been worn before. Plus, we paid extra to have them come in gift boxes, so your purchases will all come in Gorjana Jewellery gift boxes with no extra cost to you!

Gorjana jewellery are well known for being made to layer on. What is layer on? Layering is wearing a few pieces of jewellery together, and Gorjana even has a hashtag going on called "Law of Layering" where they show their customers how to wear a few of their jewellery at one time. Here I will be sharing with you how to layer them perfectly our style!

1. Matching a short and long chain necklace together.
Alternate between one statement and one simple necklace, each of different length. E.g. Short statement necklace with long simple necklace, or the other way around. Look at the pictures below, here is how it would look like.
Shop Short necklace : Taner Bar in Gold
Shop long necklace : Sansa Lariat Necklace


2. Get an already layered necklace
Who loves an easy wear? I do! Here we have this Triple Taner necklace that is a layered necklace all in one. It is easy to put it on with a formal white shirt or a casual slouchy top for a casual day.
Shop Triple Tanner Necklace

Or pick one that is long and able to wrap around your neck a few times.
Shop Pressed Taner necklace

3. Mixing Metals
Mixing metals are fun, meaning you choose two necklaces of different colour metals. E.g. Silver and Gold, or Silver and Rose Gold. It helps if the two colours stand out against each other, making it look fashionable and unique. I would try to avoid going for gold and rose gold together as they may look very similar. The other way is to have a crystal pave studs which are silver/white on a gold or rose gold chain. The shimmering effect of the crystal pave stands out against the gold even more.

"A pave design is a great way to mix silver with gold. The shimmer picks up on the bright whites in silver and brings the whole look together."

Shop Taner Pave necklace


And next up, a collection of pictures on how you can wear your Gorjana Necklaces

If you love their style, head over to Gorjana Collection to start your necklace shopping!
Sarah Tang
Sarah Tang


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