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Olivia Burton's Wonderland collection consists of gorgeous midi dials with gold or rose gold detailed patterns on the dial with roman numerals. The little detailed trimmings inside the dial is so pretty. They remind me of little pearl jewellery chains. Olivia burton has really put in much effort and thought into the details of their watches.

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In this post, I will go through
1. Dial Size
2. Length of strap
3. Leather of Strap

This Wonderland collection features midi size watch which is 29mm dial. For a comparison, Daniel Wellington Classy watch dial size is 26mm and if that fits you, this will definitely will. The whole collection dial sizes are - Chrono Dials (normal) are biggest, followed by the big dial plain faces, and the Midi dials for all the midi watches from floral to chrono are the same size.

I received some inquiries about the length of the strap for the Midi size watch as some of you ladies have very slender wrists, and wondering if extra holes are needed. My wrist size is about 15-15.5cm and I have to wear it on the 3rd hole snugly 4th hole would be more comfortable for me. Ladies who are smaller like 12.5-13cm can wear it on the 1st hole, 13-14cm can wear it on the 2nd hole, and 14-15cm can wear it on the 3rd hole. So far, the smallest hole fits ladies with very small wrists well so there is no worries about it being too large, they fit just right.

The leather straps are soft and very comfortable on the skin, it is made of soft genuine leather. They are not as stiff and hard as the Daniel Wellington watch strap because leather are treated differently and both watch brands styles are different. Olivia burton is going for the feminine and more delicate look with their floral designs, therefore using softer straps. At the moment, the straps are not sold separately but once Olivia burton has them, we would definitely bring them into Singapore.

I hope this review/run through of the watches help you ladies to feel more comfortable with your online shopping purchase of Olivia burton watches on our website.

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Now, more about the Wonderland collection - The nicest thing about this watch is that it looks extremely elegant without needing too much details. Black and gold is always a classic that everyone likes, including a white dial. Those that already own a Daniel Wellington with the clean white dial, this is a tinge of classiness added onto the white dial. The gold contrasts with the white dial very well making it look expensive and at the same time vintage.



Shop Dusty pink with gold dial
This dusty pink strap wonderland watch is a little different from the black one. Instead of a white dial, it has a full sunray gold dial - it has a metallic shiny finish that shimmers when you rotate the dial left and right. Yes, its beautiful! For those who have too many white dials, a gold dial would give your outfits a little perk me up.

Shop Mink with Rose Gold
Those who love the nude shade and very pastel colours should go for the Mink strap with rose gold rims and details. The rose gold is such a sweet shade, it does not give me the vintage vibe, but more of the feminine air, those who wear a white sundress for a luncheon or a pastel peplum top/dress this would be the perfect colour for you. I always felt that rose gold is perfect for those who like nude and pastel colours, mostly for ladies who are have very nice and fair complexion.


I hope this helps you in making a decision of what colour you might like to get from the wonderland collection! Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get $5 off your first purchase. Olivia Burton watches are also all free shipping within Singapore! Click here to shop Olivia burton collection.

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