Stackers London Jewellery & Watch Box

Stackers Jewellery box collection are the perfect way to store your jewellery lovingly. We know that everyone loves their jewellery and would want to keep your jewellery for a long time. Having this Jewellery box, it is easiest way to store them and select your jewellery quickly every morning. This jewellery box collection is specially made for you to arrange and keep your jewellery - big and small types in the neatest way to prevent scratching and tangled messes.

Read on what type of Jewellery person you are to find out which box fits your needs!

1. The Delicate Jewellery Lover: 25 Square Sections are for the small rings and bracelets. Your jewellery collection consist of small rings, earrings and delicate bracelets, there is none other better then fit your need then this.


2. The budding Jewellery Lover : Mini 3-in-1 box Set is a 3 piece set that includes an Oak Lid, Open Mini box & 11 Square Section Mini Tray

This is for you who have a small and growing collection of jewellery with a little bit of everything. Look how complimentary it looks on your dressing table? The Oak wood is just absolutely gorgeous! This Mini set is smaller in size then the other normal jewellery boxes and comes in a set.

3. The passionate jewellery Lover: Multi Compartment
You have a huge collection of Jewellery and can never leave your house without a piece of jewel on you. Sounds like most of us? Definitely me! My jewellery, especially bracelets and rings are always strewn along with my cosmetics and collects dust. Away with them now!

4. The Obsessive Watch Lovers : Watch Box

Yes, definitely sounds like most of us, with our Daniel Wellington Watches and Olivia Burton Watches you need a box to store your watches in a neat fashion. You can store up to 8 watches and additionally you can also use it to keep your bracelets as well. This watch box is perfect to store yours and/or your partner watches which is the perfect way to keep your watches all in one place, to prevent losing them and scratching them.

Of course, if you are the lazy sort, forget about the cushions and just go for the 9 Square box that works just as good. It is designed to be deep, and able to fit your watches inside with no problems.


Ready to Stack them up? Shop the Jewellery and Watch Box collection.

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Sarah Tang
Sarah Tang


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August 17, 2016

Do u have the 25 square sections stackers jewellery box in stock?
How much per item and when is the next pre-order date?


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