Introducing New Jewelry Designer - Hortense Jewelry

Hello! Its been some time since I brought in a new designer and I was very excited to show you ladies this new designer that I contacted recently!

Hortense Jewelry is named after Hortense herself, who was from Paris and moved to US to study in the Jewelry school, and only 5 years ago she started her own jewelry line which I find very interesting, because they are so fun to look at.

My favourite would be this super cute Origami Bracelet, which comes in White, Rose or Yellow Gold, it is your choice of colour to choose from! Many of you own the Horseshoe bracelet and like me, would want a change in design now, this a unique piece to wear that no one else would have! If you are feeling like you want a little more shine, the Diamond one would definitely make you feel special!

Hortense does custom lengths so if you already own a Claire Aristides Piece, and use the very first (smallest hole), choose 15cm for Hortense bracelet. If you use 2nd hole for Claire Aristides jewelry, choose 16.5cm. Then anything larger go ahead and choose 18cm.

I recommend that it should be about 1-1.5cm larger then your wrist size when you measure, so it is fits comfortably and not fitting or tight on your wrist. My wrist is about 15cm and I wear 16.5cm bracelet.

And What gold colour should you choose? For me, I am slightly tanned, and i will take White Gold. But this design really stands out in Rose gold, if you love Rose or want it to be very subtle, Rose Gold is highly recommended.

There is also two pretty heart bracelets that uses Ruby or Diamond, my pick would be Ruby heart. It is time to let your boyfriends and husband know what your next gift is! Pick the Ruby Heart with Rose Gold because it stands out alot! Here is what it looks like, and best of all - they are made of 14K gold, which means you can wear them daily and even to shower. Just remember not to spray perfume on it!

Hortense has a range of rings, which i selected from, all with double stones and diamonds. My pick would be the Petite Cherie Duo in double Diamond! I can't deny that the Sapphire caught my eye too.
They are all set on a fine thin ring band that you can choose the colour of the gold which you feel matches your skin tone well. Most of us will go for either White Gold and Rose Gold, and Yellow gold goes really well for fair skinned ladies. And also, keep in mind that the diamond is white - Rose gold and Yellow gold will make the diamond stand out more. This design really took my breath away when i saw, I immediately wanted to show you all!


If you are ready to shop her collection, go ahead and view all her super cute designs here : Hortense Jewelry

Drop me an email if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to attend to you! hello(@) :)


Sarah Tang
Sarah Tang


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