New Amber Sceats Collection

Hello Ladies, it's been sometime since we carried some new arrivals and pleased to present the NEW AMBER SCEATS COLLECTION.

There are so many pretty ones I would like to introduce, instead I will select 2 of each bangles, earrings, and necklace, with 1 being my favourite and 1 being a top choice that you must consider :)

Personally, I love that Amber Sceats shot the look book as though they are in California, it has so much of Sunny vibes exactly like Singapore. Their style is always casual, denims, rompers, skinny strap tops, so much like ours isn't it? And look at that vintage car!

Let's now start off!

My favourite bangle piece : Kyrie bangle
The first bracelet piece which is also the top choice for me, this Kyrie bangle comes in Gold & Silver, with a classic unique twist on a classic bangle. You can wear the twist facing towards your hand or towards your arm, either way they make the most flattering piece to match with every of your outfit, I promise!



How to wear?

Wear it with the twist facing downwards if you like to wear it loosely on your lower part of your wrist. and if you like to wear it as a bangle high on your arm, wear it with the twist facing upwards (towards you, exactly like the model) The twist facing towards your elbow. My preference is to wear it high when you like a bohemian look and low on the wrist when you are going for a chic denim shorts look with many other accessories.



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Top Bracelet Pick : Rocco Bangle
The second piece that is unique in its own way, would be the Rocco bangle. Usually bangles come with a full closure, and the big chain looping together looks alot like the Tiffany & Co bracelet that most ladies would have. Rocco bracelet is made to be a halfway cuff that stays in shape (not soft where the links fall together) gives an edgy look to those who love the big chain look and want something that the perfect balance of a unisex look not being so feminine and not too masculine. Rocco gives a great unique vibe for those who love an in between. I reckon that even our men can pull this off in Silver definitely. It goes perfectly on its own, no other add-ons needed, or simply just with your classic watch.


How to wear?


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My favourite Necklace and must have piece : Jagger Leather Neck Tie
This love does not need any introduction! Easy to wear, loop around your neck twice with the metal bar facing outwards for a classy vibe.


How to wear?

Tie the end loops together into a ribbon to match with a evening dress or just one knot for a casual look in a white shirt and denim shorts/jeans. It was never easier to match the black leather with anything else, there's no fretting over what it does not go with because it goes with every single colour. Pick Gold colour for a more oomphh and silver if you are the Silver x Black sort.

 Click to Shop the Jagger Gold // Jagger Silver

Choker pick : Bella  or Cole?
It is a fair fight over Bella (a more exquisite pattern) and Cole choker (a classic lined one). Bella is bound to bring you lots of compliments with a simple long dress for a Sunday brunch or a best friend's wedding. You will never leave the crowd without someone asking you where you got this pretty choker from. Cole will leave you always feeling classic, one notch above others with no qualms about picking the right necklace accessory. Pick the Gold if you are going for evening events and wearing darker muted tones like Black, Burgundy, Forest green colours. Silver are for those which would be going for day events and wearing bright colours like orange, yellow, pink. Pick the opposite brightness to balance out your outfit and accessories.


Click to Shop the Bella Gold // Cole Gold

My favourite earrings : Judd Earrings

Who loves dangling earrings? I never liked those which looked too much on your ears and made your head too heavy. These Judd earrings are the perfect clean and minimalistic dangle-lys with two circles on the top and bottom looked so much more classy in real life then pictures. I promise you would be delighted to have a staple in your accessory corner. They go well for any occasion that needs you to look a little more dressed up but not too over the top. This Judd earrings would bring out your style effortlessly without looking like you tried too hard.

Click to Shop the Judd Earrings Gold // Judd Earrings Silver

2nd pick for earrings : Zeek earrings
If circles are not your thing, lets go for a square cubic that has a great look with doubles. Front and back with square cubes, you would find yourself very pleased with this well made symmetrical ear stud. Made for those who love a subtle sense of high fashion style for everyday wear, even to work yes! Pick this in gold for a discreet shimmer to your ear, a little gold on your ears will glimpse through when you casually run your hand through your hair, talk about style!

Click to Shop the Zeek earrings gold

I hope this post have given you an idea on what you might like and to pick some of these styles from the new collection that you definitely will need for year end parties! I would say bangles and earrings for everyday use (what do you say to refreshing your accessory corner?) Stash away the chokers to save for special occasions!

Some items are already instock, and some are on pre-order (stated on the item if it is a pre-order), pre-order closes on Sunday 23rd Oct 2359, and will arrive and ship in about 2 weeks (estimated around 7 Nov, Monday). Don't wait because they get sold out really quickly as this collection has been awesome with jewelry lovers in Australia and USA! Have a great week ahead ladies! Click on the picture below to bring you right to the collection for some awesome shopping!



Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Hello folks, if you are doing some last minute online shopping for Christmas on our site, we are offering pick ups (at my place) on the 23rd Dec 8-9pm at Bukit Purmei Road. There is an option for you to pick up upon check out and it will not cost you anything! The full address will be sent to you once you have made your order! :)

Have a very Merry Christmas, in the meanwhile check out our new Luv AJ holiday jewelry now available :)

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Rose Gold Horseshoe and Infinity bracelets

Woohoo, they are finally back in stock. Our best seller Rose Gold Horseshoe and Rose Gold Infinity Bracelet.

These are the two favourite jewellery the boyfriends and husbands have been getting for Christmas and Valentine's day. Jewellery always speak volumes, and all ladies love a pretty one. Here are real pictures of what they look like when worn.

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Kiel James Patrick for Holiday Gifting

New Kiel James Patrick items up for pre-order, we love love love these holiday season items that they just introduced. From velvet material for their jewellery to new anchor designs that now comes in necklaces, these items are absolutely love! They are just perfect for Christmas Holiday gifting. Read our top 5 picks on our earlier blog entry on Christmas gift ideas if you have not.

First up, Velvet pearl collection in 3 colours, Navy, Pink and Black. The bracelet is made of velvet material making it look expensive and perfect for the holiday season. Textures are the in thing right?

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Artelier Jewelry for the WanderLust Traveller

Who loves traveling? I believe that in midst of the holiday season this month of December, many of you are going away for a well treated break.

I am so pleased to introduce ARTELIER by Cristina Ramella from Mexico. This designer jewelry label is all about travel and the love for globe trotting. Cristina Ramella, founder and Creative Director of Artelier is a chic globetrotter and loves traveling.

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Gorjana Delicate Gold Necklaces

These lovely lovely gold necklaces are so perfect for a gold Christmas. We can imagine you ladies in your Christmas outfits needing jewellery to go with and these Gorjana pieces are the perfect find! They are also a perfect Christmas gift - If you have not read our gift idea post, head down to read it.

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