Lucy & Mui, a Singaporean jewelry label by Rachael, the designer presents her label that weaves femininity into the modern aesthetic through wearable and intimate jewelry which imbue the everyday with the extraordinary. Named after her vivacious and sophisticated grannies, the label’s core value is a minimalist focus on craftsmanship over commercialize, on fit before form. This, in a personal tribute to our eponymous heroines – people who believe, simply, in better.

Lucy & Mui believes strongly in honest, handmade design. Every piece by Lucy & Mui is handcrafted exclusively in Singapore by skilled local artisans, with more than 20 years of experience, using precious metals and rare coloured diamonds that are ethically-mined and conflict-free.

The result is bespoke, exquisite jewelry that layers luxury into the conventional – a lifestyle best described by how it makes you feel.

Orders will take 2-4 weeks to make if it is not available in stock.
We take a little time to craft your customized orders, simply because we believe that a woman's jewelry is an extension of herself, and we spare no effort in ensuring your customized jewelry reflects the best version of you (or for those of you purchasing a gift, the best version of that special someone). Each piece is carefully cast in solid gold, soldered, polished and set according to your requirements - because we believe, simply, in better