Guides & Sizing Charts

We would like to make your online shopping experience with us as easy and breezy as possible! This guide is to help you make your purchase a smooth and pleasant one.

1. Ring size - How to measure your ring size accurately:

Use a ring you have worn before and use it as a good gauge, instructions as below, or get a ring sizer.

*Lucien Elements Ring size guide



2. Yosi Samra Shoes Size Guide

Yosi Samra shoes typically run true to size. If you are a half size, please go up to the next full size. For example, if you are a true size 6 in a similar shoe we suggest you purchase a size 6. If you are a size 6.5 please go up to a size 7.

Tips: Sarah is a EU 38 for Zara shoes and takes U.S Size 7 for Yosi Samra Flats and Sandals.



3. Daniel Wellington Guide on how to change straps

How do i change from a leather band to natoband and vice versa?
To start with, in order to place or remove the leatherband you will need a pin, a paperclip or a very small/thin tool. First, remove the natostrap from the watch. Second, locate the small hole on the outside of the watch-case (where the leatherband are to be attached) and gently press the pin on the hole while you waggle the peg. Inside the hole, there is a spring loaded spike that will move out from the watch-case once you have done the previous mentioned steps.

There are holes at the end of the leatherband where you can plug in the spring so that the pegs are visible on either side of the hole. Continue by placing one of the pegs inside the small hole on the watch-case which will position the spring in the same position as when it was first loosened. Now gently press in the other peg (the one that you did not place inside the small hole) with your nail and move the spring towards its starting position until you see/hear the spring click in to the hole. Repeat the same steps with the opposite side of the leatherband and the switch is made. 


4. Olivia Burton Watches (Care and Warranty)

In order to keep your Olivia Burton watch in its best condition, we strongly advise that you follow the below advice:

Our leather straps are made from genuine leather. The nature of beautifully tanned leather is that it will change over time. It is highly likely that you will notice creasing or colour changes which is characteristic of leather and the leather will pick up marks and stains with normal use. This is not a fault or a quality issue. 

In order to preserve the beauty of your leather we do recommend treating your leather strap with a leather protector but you do need to take care to ensure that it does not come into contact with any hard-wear on the watch (the case, lugs and buckle) as this may damage and tarnish the hard-wear. 

Leather is a natural, porous material and we would strongly avoid exposing it to water and moisture, as this will shorten its lifespan. Should your leather strap get wet we recommend wiping it carefully with a soft dry cloth and allowing it to dry out at room temperature. 

Care should be taken not to expose your watch to direct sunlight or heat, as well as damaging the hard-wear it may result in your strap changing colour. 

*At the moment, Just Tangy does not have replacement straps for purchase but will be looking into carrying them soon.

If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, you may notice a condensation appearing under the crystal glass. This generally disappears by itself if left alone. Please do not attempt to aid this by exposing your watch to heat to dry it out as this may damage the watch and will only cause the condensation to persist.

Olivia Burton use the best gold plating methods available but it is the nature of plating that it will wear over time especially when it comes into contact with body cream and perfumes. We would always recommend removing your watch when applying perfume and cream and be careful to ensure that contact is avoided. 

Our watch batteries are standard batteries. The average life for a watch battery is 12 months. Changing a battery without the correct tools can damage the metal and delicate parts inside the watch, so we recommend visiting a reputable jeweller for this. Please do not attempt to open the case back yourself as this can invalidate the warranty.

Olivia Burton offer a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after original purchase if purchased from our website Just Tangy. We do not provide warranty for Olivia Burton watches bought from other retail/online stores. 

Please note the warranty does not cover batteries, glass or straps. It does not cover damage caused by accident or lack of care including water penetration.

If your watch requires attention within the first year of purchase, please contact us by email. We will give you a return address and a repair authorisation form. You will be asked to provide your order number and delivery charges will be borned by the sender.

Some links can be removed from our linked bracelet watches. Most local jewellers and watch shops will offer this service. 

Our watches are not waterproof and therefore must not be submerged into water. Your watch is water resistant to 1ATM which is 10m (1 Bar). Exposing your watch to light spray and perspiration is acceptable. However, you should avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where abnormal heat and moisture are present. You must always ensure that the crown is pushed in fully before exposing your watch to light spray and perspiration.